Over the last seventeen years CFMichaels founder, Carla Stolper, has lived in the arts-centric pulse of Berlin Germany, along the ancient silk road region of Azerbaijan, on the East Coast and the Gold Coast in the heartland of America, and in the exotic heart of Southeast Asia. She's had the opportunity to be a part of and observe first-hand the rich artistic traditions, organic craftsmanship, and the collective spirit and styles of living in a medley of cultural landscapes across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

From Portugal to Poland to Prague to Pisa, Tanzania to Indonesia and Cairo to Dubai, Istanbul to Baku and Berlin to Bangkok, Carla's colorful encounters and longtime exposure to good-life finds continued to fuel her lifelong love of design, and her taste for smart interiors with a certain bohemian soul. The sum of these was the catalyst for CFMichaels.

With a refined sensibility and practiced eye, she treks highroads and backroads around the world - from fine boutiques to souks and hill tribe villages - bringing you exclusive access to authentic designs and storied pieces that lend a uniquely magnetic note to modern-day spaces.

Think of her as your personal, and persnickety, scout on the ground.